Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How Big is This Game?

I'm sitting up in the Verizon Center press box waiting for Game 7 between the Caps and Pens to get underway, and I couldn't help but post a funny link. See, getting a ticket to this game is pretty hard, so hard that in my story about the game tonight I wrote this little excerpt:

Alex Ovechkin has 20 friends and family, including some “Russian celebrities”, who all want to be at Game 7. The Great 8 has tried in vain to secure a luxury box at Verizon Center for them, but can’t get one. That’s right, the same guy who rejuvenated (or for some, created) the hockey craze around here can’t even find tickets.

“Box is closed … season ticket holders,” said Ovechkin with his trademark toothless grin. “D.C. is a hockey town now.”

So just how big is this game? Well, Barry Melrose and Steve Levy are doing live reports for ESPN, something I can't remember the "Worldwide Leader" doing outside of the Stanley Cup Finals since the lockout back in 2005. But to judge the real magnitude of this thing, check out this Craigslist post.

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