Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pertaining to a young or small bird

Oh yeah, I'm on it baby. I created an account a while back but didn't really do anything with it. But recently, I had an epiphany, "Since I never have time for a proper blog post, this might be the best way for people to keep track of me." So I'm gonna try and start tweeting regularly ... and hopefully force myself to blog more.

It's funny, I have all these great ideas for blog posts and then I never follow through on them. I bet I could create a whole new blog just about blog posts that I didn't post here, but are actually awesome ideas. By the way, the name Twitter is stupid. I feel embarrassed just saying it to other people. I'm not a bird, I'm a person. I type or write or speak or talk or walk or run. I don't tweet.

Seriously, look it up. Tweet means "a weak chirping sound, as of a young or small bird," according to dictionary.com. Now maybe I'm just not up on the latest evolutionary experiments, but last I heard birds both young and small have never had the capability to use a computer, mobile device, or anything else that people can update their twitters with. But whatever, I'll get over the unfortunate word choice.

Moral of the story is follow me at twitter.com.mgiannotto if you'd like.

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